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Life is at the intersection of mindset, wellness & Strategy.

We offer a variety of services to support you in living a life that prioritizes joy, while reaching the next level of success.

  • Transition to the next level and plan for your future

  • Be healthy and successful simultaneously

  • Be confident in yourself

  • Operate with accountability and self-compassion

  • Step into your purpose 

1-1 COaching

Work with Leigh Burgess to launch a new plan for yourself, find more time to strategize, and incorporate more joy into your daily life. Focus on the action and implementation of your strategies, planning for both performance and wellness. 

1-Hour Packages: 2 Sessions, 4 Sessions, or 6 Sessions

Want something more in-depth? Leigh is currently accepting registrants for The Bold Retreat!

This 4-day all-inclusive retreat will provide female executives with the opportunity to reset and realign their personal and professional goals in a way that fuses strategy and wellbeing.

360-Degree Engagement

This engagement includes 6 one-to-one sessions with Leigh Burgess to assess and analyze current trends, identify key areas for change and improvement, and develop a full report and action plan based on the specific strategy you are seeking. 

Examples Include:

  • Set career goals and action planning

  • Review of your professional strategies or team with project planning

  • Review of your workplace and opportunities for advancement and evolution

  • Anything you want!


Leigh is a sought-after speaker on all things bold. Her Believe-Own-Learn-Design Framework has enabled many to unlock barriers to not only feel more like themselves but to also reach the next level of their career and personal life.

Signature Talks: 

  • The Bold & Brave Path: What does it mean to be bold and brave? Leigh will share the stories, learnings and rewarding experiences from living outside the comfort zone with purpose-filled focus and resolve. The talk shares specific decision-making strategies that can be applied across your personal and professional path.


  • The B.O.L.D. Framework- Believe, Own, Learn and Design: Life can feel uncertain at times, but with a framework to guide you through the journey, your path becomes clear and defined. Each element of the framework becomes the stepping stone you can use for creating your personal and professional plan for success. Leave with the framework you can use in your personal and professional path to being bold and brave.


  • Big Swings of Bold- Advancing Through Agility: Being able to create strategy, efficiencies and implement innovation is fueled by the ability to be agile. Being open to agility takes courage, bravery, and accepting that failure may occur. Leave with the agility assessment and planning tools for your success. Let's take big swings of bold to create positive change in your organization, your team, within your relationships and yourself.


  • Pandemic Pivot- The Positives: We have all experienced the pandemic in different ways and it has impacted our lives, but what have we learned from the positives? This talk will highlight key findings that focus on the positive learnings and how you can apply them to our your life moving forward.

Unsure of where to start? 

Schedule a FREE consult with Leigh today to discuss your goals and decide upon the best route forward together!

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