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Awards & Nominations

Success, "Success 125 Leaders"

Success, Nominee, "Women of Influence"


Entrepreneur, "Being BOLD: The Framework for Nurturing Your Growth Mindset"

Fast Company, "13 Ways to Keep your Business Relevant in a Tough Economy"

Fast Company, "15 Strategies to Enhance a Company’s Customer Service"

Fast Company, "14 Ways AI is Changing the Way Leaders do Business"

Fast Company, "11 Ways to Develop a Stronger Client Relationship"

Fast Company, "Thinking About Starting a Small Business?"

Fast Company, "10 Strategies To Determine The Right Focus In Business"

Fast Company, "15 Smart Social Media Strategies to Increase Audience Engagement"

Fast Company, "15 Ideas to Boost Your Business Recognition in the Marketplace"

Fast Company, "7 Important Business Metrics that Can Make or Break a Company"

Fast Company, "15 Productivity Hacks that Keep Business Leaders on Track"

Fast Company, "Reclaim Your Time with These 15 Tips for Better Balance"

Fast Company, "11 Advantages of Introverted Leadership"

Fast Company, "15 Entrepreneurs Discuss the Right Time to Pursue Innovation"

Fast Company, "15 Ways to Manage Your Company's Image from the Inside Out"

Fast Company, "14 Ways to Crush Quarterly Goals in 2022"

Fast Company, "Business Changing? 15 Ways to Keep the Original Mission Intact"

Forbes, "15 Strategies to Manage and Meet Your Customers' Growing Expectations"

Forbes, "Should You Outsource that Task? 16 Questions to Ask Yourself First"

Association of Clinical Research Professionals, "Measured Boldness Can Inspire Leaps of Innovation"

Association of Clinical Research Professionals, "Agile Approach Can Boost Staff Engagement, Operational Efficiencies"

Podcasts & videos

Dream Job with Danielle Cobo, "Burnout Prevention: Finding Clarity, Hope, and Purpose in Your Career"

The Grit Factor with Shannon Huffman Polson, "From Burnout to Thriving: Leigh Burgess"

Evoke Greatness, "With Leigh Burgess: Founder & CEO of Bold Industries Group and Fellow CHIEF Member"

CatalystU Podcast, "Taking Big Swings of Bold"

Association of Clinical Research Professionals, "Agility is the New Stability"

Decoding Destiny with Erina Kapetanakis, "Raising the Bar: Taking Big Swings of Bold"

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