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About Leigh

CEO & Founder
Bold Industries Group, Inc. 

"Ultimately, it is not about finding your boldness; it is about freeing it."

After years of experience in healthcare, business and education,  I went out on my own to build  Bold Industries Group, a conglomerate organization that encompasses my passion for business, as well as home design and curated experiences. I'm driven by tackling challenges that when solved, make the world a better place and helping leaders solve problems for good.



big swings of bold
plural noun 

Pragmatic, innovative changes that challenge that status quo by trialing measured actions with no guarantee for success. This can be applied to a professional or personal situation.

  • Being bold is taking a chance on success, joy, and improvement even when it feels uneasy or uncertain.

  • I use a unique framework that includes essential elements of Believing, Owning, Learning, and Designing to unlock your greatest potential and happiness.

  • Being bold and brave at times means standing still and assessing yourself and how you need to navigate the world around you. This comes by truly knowing yourself first.

"being bold is Owning your greatness and knowing you are the one to drive the changes needed,
define the path, and create the map for your dreams."


02 Get to know me


A few facts about myself that most people don't know: 

  • I have four cute, sweet, and goofy puppies- Maple, an English Cream Retriever, Alvin, a Bichon-Poodle mix, and Yogi and Bear, Bernese Mountain Dogs.

  • I find joy in music and have been to over 250 concerts and think shopping at a vinyl store is a great way to spend a Saturday.​ ​

  • My comfort food is lasagna with a side of chocolate cake with white buttercream icing.​

  • I love all forms of art, even if my own drawing abilities are limited to stick figures and flowers. 

  • Nothing beats baseball at Fenway Park in the summer watching the Red Sox.

  • If I see a turtle trying to cross the road, I always pull over to help make it across.

Sunrise over Mountains

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